Advanced puzzle game or not

Hi guys I created a rotation puzzle a while back but while playing around with coding I’ve worked out a way to allow the reader to put the tile where they want. I’ve only done 2 tiles with 1 piece at the moment as I don’t want to finish it, if people will find it annoying or if I’m gonna be waisting my time?

So I want to hear what you guys think should I stick with the original game or add this in as a more advanced game?

  • I would play this mini game
  • I wouldn’t play this mini game
  • Other view (please explain)

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First rotation puzzle game

Second version puzzle game

This particular story I’m writing was actually more of a try out story (where I practice coding) but is actually looking like a escape the room type of game so I thought that would be kind of cool

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That would be so cool!

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that looks amazing. I am myself making a few mini-games. but this makes mine look so easy.

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This is honestly amazing, you could also use it in a crime story. Where you need to solve the puzzle for a clue, in order to solve the crime after collecting all the clues.

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If you published something like this, I would read it


Thanks for your opinions guys :slight_smile:
Would you guys mind testing it out once it’s almost ready. Its gonna be a while yet though ha ha ha.

Thank you amberose :slight_smile: that actually means a lot as I’m a big fan of yours. At the moment it hasn’t got a storyline :joy::joy: so will have a think Xx

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Aww thank you. And I’d be happy to test it out too, whether there’s a plot or not :sweat_smile:

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I would LOVE to! :see_no_evil::tulip:

I 100% would play this! :ok_woman:t2:

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I love mini games Xx what type of games do you make

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I have made 4 so far. though one I still have not gone to work right. (though I had but it counts the points wrong )

I have a memory game(that is the one i have to fix) and find the right shelf . a kind of car mini game. and joseph evans keypad. I also wanna do a fght mini game but have not figured out to do it yet

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Sounds great :smiley: I hate it when the points mess up as I find that’s the hardest thing to fix. Your games sound ace btw :smiley: I’d like to figure out how Joseph Evans managed to do that maze in the ember effect.

that may have to be my next project ha ha ha

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Hi guys I’ve finally finished it :slight_smile: Ive tested it myself and had no problems but please have a play around with it to see if you find anything wrong or could suggest something :slight_smile:

So the functions should happen like so

The player should be able to put a picture tile in any of the slots unless it is occupied by another tile this will trigger a narration telling them to choose a different slot.

The player should be able to remove a tile by tapping the red X and then selecting the tile they want to remove. They should also be able to completely reset the puzzle by clicking the red X again.

For tablet users the can click the magnifying glass to shrink the screen if they are unable access the puzzle due to size and reset the zoom by clicking the magnifying glass again.

Players should be able to submit their answer or see how many tiles are correct by clicking the submit button.

Due to the mess the episode is in I have put a loop in so it carries on playing the same puzzle and won’t allow you to carry on for the time being I will also be making some changes to the images I’ve created to better fit my episode theme but I used my current ones while I worked out the coding :slight_smile: I’ve done a full demonstration on my video

Link to puzzle


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