Advanced Smooth Zooms/Pans?

It’s been a while since I’ve coded here (like 1 year) and to do those smooth or exaggerated zooms/pans I would use codes like “using easeout”, it worked really well before and was so smooth. Now a year later the zooms all look dodgy and choppy, did Episode update specific words you have to use or something? How do I get those smooth zooms/pans back from “easeout” etc.

Well, you still code zooms like:
@zoom on … in seconds and then you can add using …

Maybe if you use easein and then easeout it should work?
Or don’t use advanced zooms at all.

Here’s a topic with all zooms:


I’ve had to result to using “easeinout” since neither of the easeout zooms look right, it’s really bizarre to me though because before it was perfect and would work every time, I haven’t touched my script since then so I’m not sure why it stopped working

If I’m being honest I use bounce and easeinout the most.
It may also not hurt if you submit a ticket. Maybe it’s some kind of a glitch from Episode. :green_heart:

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Bump incase anyone knows a fix!

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