Advanced zooming help

a lot of times i’ll see a story with the tv overlay in the background and the character infront, and then they would zoom on the tv and the character like gets bigger and disappears from the scence like your looking over there shoulder. Sorry if i didn’t explain it good! Can anyone tell me how i would word that into my script?

I think I know what you’re talking about…
Say for example to people are watching the TV, you could code it like this:

&zoom on XYZ in 4
&CHARACTER1 walks to spot XYZ in 4 AND CHARACTER1 does it while idle_rear
@CHARACTER2 walks to spot XYZ in 4 AND CHARACTER2 does it while idle_rear

You’d be zooming in on the TV, meanwhile your characters each move to either the left or the right (depending on where they’re placed), so it looks like you’ve zoomed in between their shoulders. Is that what you meant? You might want to change the amount of seconds/animations depending on your scene

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Yes! thanks so much

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Sweet! Good luck with your scene :smiley:

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Solved and closed. :smiley: