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HAHA! I love your deciphering, and a few of these you have spot on. Also, I will tell you that every single one of these has a specific use and limited to one event.


LOL, thank you muchly…
So basically, if it’s a potion, we can’t just have one sip of it, we have to use the whole thing in one go?


That’s right :smirk: now I just have to remeber XD o.o


We each have our own separate gold coin correct? So what we buy is our own tiers or the groups?


wait another question
We can buy as many things we want?


@SilverStar @jdepisode
I understood this as we buy together as a collective group… We have the 30 gold pieces and we can buy as much or as little as we want


Ooooh thanks


You’re welcome.
Hmm… you’ll see. It depends. But only ONE situation.

Well, that, or read. Although, that MAY be cheating. Depends how you look at it.

Nope, the GROUP has 30 coins.

Correct! :wink:


Nah. Just simply…using resources :smirk:


Okey dokey then group what are your thoughts??

I think we should take a rope or climbing, arm band of strength, fire capsules…headband of concentration, anti poison, healing…
Um now I’m just doing the “let’s take this just in case” thing. So…anyone else got any thoughts to add XD


boots of leaping?


Ah yes. The boots of leaping. Forgot to mention that. Let’s take it! XD


HAHAHAHA! Trust you to think this way! :wink:


I like the way you think. :joy::+1: We need all the help we can get, go fetch some info. :sunglasses:


I agree with you in almost everything. I think we should only take the healing potion because it’s the most generic one of the three. All of the skill ones seem useful so I don’t mind what we take from there. For survival I think it’s better the water (because of what you said). Last, I think the potion of plant control is very important since we are going to be in a forest that I guess is full of plants.

Anyways this is just my opinion sooo what do you guys think??


Sooo, listen up group. :mega::mega::mega:
I’m going to write down the list, along with what I personally think they are used for. :scroll:
(Based on watching, reading, playing, and creating too many stories) :books:

Potion of Healing *(3 gold pieces)*

For increasing/restoring stamina… Everyone needs that. :+1:

Potion of Plant Control *(2 gold pieces)*

In case we get stuck in some “devil’s snare” type of plant (wraps around us in order to kill us), or in case we need to grow vines in order to climb up a high wall/valley… Pretty useful. :+1:

Potion of Stillness *(3 gold pieces)*

To freeze a deadly creature in place, and stop it from inflicting any damage on us… Can be of benefit. :thinking:

Potion of Insect Control *(2 gold pieces)*

To repell swarms of stinging or biting insects, to order insects to fight on out side (for some reason :joy:), or maybe there will be some giant butterflies that we can ride… Who knows! :thinking:

Potion of Anti-poison *(2 gold pieces)*

This one is pretty obvious, it’s used as an antidote in case we get poisoned (by arrows, animals, and plants)… Vital. :+1:

Holy water *(3 gold pieces)*

I’m thinking there will be demons, ghosts, and a bunch of other unholy creatures out there… I say we buy that. :+1:

Ring of light *(3 gold pieces)*

I’m not sure what this one is for tbh, but maybe it can be used in case of monsters that lurk in the shadows, or maybe it’s like a circle of salt (to keep unholy creatures away)… God knows! :thinking:

Boots of Leaping *(2 gold pieces)*

To make a high af bounce, useful in case we get chased by a horde of running beasts or wild animals… It can be useful. :thinking:

Rope of Climbing *(3 gold pieces)*

This one doesn’t need explaining, and it can also be used in tying things… I vote yes. :+1:

Net of Entanglement *(3 gold pieces)*

Used in making an ambush, also in climbing (if someone was on top of a wall and others are below… We need this. :+1:

Armband of Strength *(3 gold pieces)*

I think this increases the damage we inflict on creatures during battles, sometimes killing them in one strike if used with luck… Okay. :thinking:

The Glove of Missile Dexterity *(2 gold pieces)*

These gloves are used to absorb and fire energy missiles, and they are also useful in reducing the damage when attacked in close ranges, maybe there are withes or so… Dope. :+1:

Rod of Water-Finding *(2 gold pieces)*

To search for underground water… I never trust these sticks. :-1:

Garlic Buds *(2 gold pieces)*

Vampires, I’m sure there are vampires out there that we should repell them with these (it can’t be here for cooking :joy:)… But we can always use wooden sticks from the trees around us. :thinking:

Headband of Concentration *(3 gold pieces)*

In case we need a bright idea to get us out of a horrible situation… We all have brains though. :-1:

Fire Capsules *(3 gold pieces)*

Probably for starting fires, something like a bomb… Can be handy in a lot of situations. :+1:

Nose Filters *(3 gold pieces)*

These act like gas masks, they filter the air that gets inside our lungs… I like these. :+1:

I voted on what I think we should buy, and I hope I made the right choices, and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. :sunglasses:


HEHEHE! I love hearing/reading your opinions and calculations. It’s so interesting and I love effort you’re putting into this! :wink:


cough cough I will say I remeber using the armband of strength cough cough

Definitely get ur self some healing potion.
Maybe some anti poison if we really want.

Agreed with amber on the skill based stuff. We are gonna come across diff. Paths and diff. Trials so get what ur gut tells ya honestly.

Les get us the water-finding doohigey

Get some nose filters.

Idk how we gonna like, make a definite decision here? XD


Ok general consensus so far is get the healing potion. I think that’s the one we’ve all said so far…
Now after reading what other people think here’s my list of what we should probably get…

  • Potion of healing
  • Potion of plant control
  • Boots of leaping
  • Armband of strength
  • Rod of water finding
  • Rope of climbing
  • Net of entanglement
  • The glove of missile dexterity

Which would come to 20 gold pieces… Which I think is a lot… but I don’t know how much gold we’re going to possibly need later and this could all just be a mind game to make us think we need to save some gold but we might not actually need it.

Thoughts? Thoughts on my list not thoughts on whether this is a mind game…


Meh, I’m going to share my thoughts on whether I think this is a mind game.

I think we need to seriously stop talking, Rosie, you know me too well. HAHA. In saying that, I never said anything about needing a lot of gold, only that gold may be useful in the story. :wink: :kissing_closed_eyes: