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In my head… Nah, only in writing.

Didn’t you say walk down the stairs yesterday? You changing it, Rosie?


Yes, because you made me unsure… You made me think I should wait to see what you others are doing


:woman_shrugging: No idea, I guess if we are there for a while and nothing happens we’ll go. And if we could get your pig thing, it would be greatt
Also, your map is aweesome


Ooooh… I’m sorry?


See, that’s why I shouldn’t go too far ahead, because they might need help with the pig thing… So I should go back to the junction…
Also thanks :blush:


Yeah, we should work together and carry the pig, look for some big sized leafs on your way :joy: we might cut that pig into pieces and carry it in our bags.


HAHAHA! Imagine clicking the drop down on backpacks at the top of the thread to see you’ve got your potions, some coins maybe and then a pig leg :smile:




I would keep it as a pet, too!


I’ll catch up right now.


Okay, just need your first move when you have. :wink:




I’m thinking that they should examine the cave-- there might be some things inside that could be of use! Besides, I’m actually kind of serious, and I think Faye would like to look into it, too. She would think of heading north first to set “distractions” aside, but curiosity of what is inside the cave will get to her, and she’ll suggest investigating inside.


Okay, so I think many of you didn’t see that I said …

There is a much larger creature standing near the smaller one.


Then if that is the case, I would also like Faye to turn to the creature. Because she’s a free spirited person (and you’ve mentioned that the creature is INTRIGUING to us), I don’t see why she should not allow herself from doing it. I’ll say that she’ll examine and conduct an investigation into it.


In that case Ailbe would only check the smaller one shortly and focus on attacking the larger one (since there are others checking the smaller one).


I’m SOOO sorry, guys! I didn’t mean for this to take this long. The main reason it has is that I was suffering from a murderous headache at the weekend. Though also partly because of a lack of motivation with writing for the large group, since they want to stay together but don’t actually communicate with each other like Sam and Julian do, or like Desiree and Roxanne did.

So, one last thing…
@jdepisode, @brinn, @Kate_Potter, & @EpisodeLover_13
So, of course, there’s the captured creature that you can check out, but the only other thing of interest in the room is a small silver box. Would anyone like to open the box or just leave it?

Edit: On a negative side of things, I had finished this part (except large group’s end) and then the forum crashed and I LOST it ALL. Damn it for leaving it as a draft and not saving. Will try to rewrite it tonight after work! GAH!


I’d like Faye to open the box.


Okay, before I go with this, I’m going to wait to see if the other three agree since you are all a group.


Ok, then Ailbe can stand guard in case anything dangerous pops out.