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HAHA! Thanks, but I’ve always been here but my time management has been off. But glad you’re happy! :wink:

Nope, sorry, just water!


I’m saying head north for Faye.


God yeaaaah I was so happy to see the notification too.

And that was actually such a good fight that I felt proud. @amberose @Miumi.hp

Anyways, I was wondering, why doesn’t Julian have any luck points??


Aww, I’m so sorry it took so long.

Oh, he does (on his profile), but I only write them up if the number has changed. :wink: He hasn’t needed to use any yet, which in itself, is lucky.


Pffft don’t worry about it :orange_heart:

Ohhhhh okay makes sense :joy:


Okay, @jdepisode, @brinn, and @Kate_Potter, I would like a decision ASAP, please?!


Sorry I’ll choose north mate


Cheers. :wink: Though I wasn’t worried about you, it was more for the other two who don’t seem to respond that quickly despite coming online semi-regularly.


Ailbe will go north as well. Sorry for the delay.


@Kate_Potter, I’m just waiting for you. I wish to be quick, as I want to move on with this group so we can have all the groups move on together. :wink:


Okay, I’ve waited long enough for @Kate_Potter to reply back to me.

So, I’ll put Elsie up for adoption again!

Anyone know of someone who would want to?
Maybe @Tellyg47, you seemed to be following along with this thread? Also, @YassineCool, you PM’d me a while back, interested? :smile:


YESS, gladly.


Cheers, so just have read through of the story. She is currently in a group with three others who are heading north? Should I assume you want to stay with them?


Yeah, sure.
I’ll continue on where they got left off.


@jdepisode, @brinn, @EpisodeLover_13, @YassineCool

Pygmies have just attacked the group with darts and then run off, do you want to chase after them or continue north?!

An answer ASAP would be great! :wink:


Chase them!


Ailbe would chase them as well I think.


Cheers guys, just waiting for @jdepisode and @EpisodeLover_13 to get back to me!


Chase after them!


Chase em