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Oh god, ROSIE!



@amberose, I’ve PM’d you several times and tagged you on other threads (for stories you’re in) and yet, no response. Acknowledgement, a reply, and little more information would be lovely. Especially since I’m not the only one you’re ignoring.
I just want my friend back, to continue our normal conversation and not be laid to blame for something that was misconstrued. (pleading face)



So… Do we just pick one?


You have 30 gold, spend what you wish.


maybe Ring of Light?

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My complex thoughts on what we should maybe get... And also my attempt to guess what half of the things SilverStar was questioning
Healing types

Potion of Healing (3 gold pieces)
Potion of Anti-poison (2 gold pieces)
Garlic Buds (2 gold pieces) (Garlic has like magical healing powers apparently, hence why I put it in this category)

TBH I think we should only get one of these “healing” types, and would probably go for potion of healing since it’s not limited like the potion of anti-poison, which I assume only cures cases of our characters being poisoned

Skill based

Boots of Leaping (2 gold pieces)
Rope of Climbing (3 gold pieces)
Net of Entanglement (3 gold pieces)
Armband of Strength (3 gold pieces)
The Glove of Missile Dexterity (2 gold pieces)

Since all of these are fairly different I wouldn’t mind getting more of these types. If we were to get all, that would equal 13 gold pieces


Fire Capsules (3 gold pieces) I’m guessing that this is like some cheat to build a fire for cooking, warmth, light, etc… But that’s just how I imagined it when I read it. I could be wrong and it could be a weapon I guess??
Rod of Water-Finding (2 gold pieces)

Rod of Water-Finding will probably be helpful. If fire capsules are what I think they are then I think this would be a waste as the first chapter started with an open fire which means at least one of our characters, if not several, if not all, are capable of making a fire on their own OR they already have fire capsules


Holy water (3 gold pieces)
Nose Filters (3 gold pieces)
Potion of Insect Control (2 gold pieces)
Potion of Plant Control (2 gold pieces)

Holy water is supposed to “repel evil” so could totally come in handy, as well as probably has other uses. Nose filters I believe is like something to prevent our characters from inhaling toxic chemicals?? Insect control is either insect repellent or the ability to literally control insects. Probably the latter so that I can know also say I think Potion of plant control would be literally controlling plants


Ring of light (3 gold pieces)
Potion of Stillness (3 gold pieces)
Headband of Concentration (3 gold pieces)

I have no guesses for what a ring of light is or could do (though this is usually a clue for a halo in crossword puzzles, but I see no relevance). Potion of stillness to paralyze an enemy? Or to freeze our own characters in case they’re in some situation where they have to pretend to be dead?? (Rare, in my opinion) And I guess headband of concentration would be something our characters could wear to make them more focused. I could probably do without all in this category, but kinda want to get ring of light just to find out what it is :sweat_smile:


HAHA! I love your deciphering, and a few of these you have spot on. Also, I will tell you that every single one of these has a specific use and limited to one event.


LOL, thank you muchly…
So basically, if it’s a potion, we can’t just have one sip of it, we have to use the whole thing in one go?


That’s right :smirk: now I just have to remeber XD o.o


We each have our own separate gold coin correct? So what we buy is our own tiers or the groups?


wait another question
We can buy as many things we want?


@SilverStar @jdepisode
I understood this as we buy together as a collective group… We have the 30 gold pieces and we can buy as much or as little as we want


Ooooh thanks


You’re welcome.
Hmm… you’ll see. It depends. But only ONE situation.

Well, that, or read. Although, that MAY be cheating. Depends how you look at it.

Nope, the GROUP has 30 coins.

Correct! :wink:


Nah. Just simply…using resources :smirk:


Okey dokey then group what are your thoughts??

I think we should take a rope or climbing, arm band of strength, fire capsules…headband of concentration, anti poison, healing…
Um now I’m just doing the “let’s take this just in case” thing. So…anyone else got any thoughts to add XD


boots of leaping?


Ah yes. The boots of leaping. Forgot to mention that. Let’s take it! XD


HAHAHAHA! Trust you to think this way! :wink:


I like the way you think. :joy::+1: We need all the help we can get, go fetch some info. :sunglasses:


I agree with you in almost everything. I think we should only take the healing potion because it’s the most generic one of the three. All of the skill ones seem useful so I don’t mind what we take from there. For survival I think it’s better the water (because of what you said). Last, I think the potion of plant control is very important since we are going to be in a forest that I guess is full of plants.

Anyways this is just my opinion sooo what do you guys think??