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Oh no hahaha, just pointing out they’re of the same value


Sam nearly died by that stake! :scream:
My heart froze as I was reading through that line. :sweat_smile:

@amaiaxx21 @amberose
Personally, I don’t prefer giving him any of our magical items, and I don’t want to give him the three gold coins that Sam has, they might be useful elsewhere :thinking:… He’s kind of a jerk tbh. :sweat_smile:
So I think Sam’s response would be something like this: "Three gold pieces for a rope! No thanks, I’d rather drink my strength potion than give anything to you. as*hole :unamused:"

And we can also fight him after that, teach him some lesson. Why am I hating on him so much?! :joy:


HAHAHAHA! She wouldn’t have died, only been injured more.

Nice quote, thanks. Takes it and runs for the hills. :wink:

Also, Sam is in the hole and wouldn’t be fighting, but do you want to drink the potion?


I thought that if she drank the potion she would be strong enough to climb out of the pit. Then maybe join in on the fight. :thinking:
But if I’m wrong then no, there’s no point in drinking it.


Probably not since there is nothing to grab onto… :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:


So we shall fight him then? @Miumi.hp @amaiaxx21


I say we do but just because I really don’t want to give him anything :joy:. Also, it’s two vs one and if he tried a “diplomatic” way first I guess it is beacuse he is not very strong (if he was he would have robbed us without trying to trade things).

@Miumi.hp @amberose


I like how you think


Okay, both Telly and Yassine think that Elsie should lead, what do you think, @jdepisode and @EpisodeLover_13?

@amberose and @amaiaxx21, you both want to fight him?




Okay then. :wink::+1:
Sam will not drink the potion, but she’ll still use that comment though. :joy:
And since she can’t fight, she’ll be cheering for her friends from the pit instead. :raising_hand_woman::muscle:




Jay JD, babe, you’ve been answering in the hotel RP but I asked you this almost a day ago! Please answer?! :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:



Yeesh I completely spaced. Yes, I’m fine with Elsie leading


Yes, me too!


Do you want the next part to be longer and released in a few days (probably), or shorter and out in the next day?

  • Shorter and sooner
  • longer (usual-ish length) and I’ll wait

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@jdepisode, @EpisodeLover_13, @YassineCool, @Tellyg47, @Miumi.hp, @amaiaxx21, @amberose, and @Littlefeets


Okay, longer it is, so I may be asking a few questions over the next few days. :wink:

@jdepisode, @EpisodeLover_13, @YassineCool, and @Tellyg47
You see a large boulder slightly moving ahead of you, do you want to investigate or continue north?

@Miumi.hp, @amaiaxx21, and @amberose
You see the handle of a sword that is stuck in a rock, anyone want to try to pull it out?

@Littlefeets, you reach another junction; north or west?


Des will take a crack at it if no one else will


Investigate that!