Adventurous: Across the New World <3

This is my adventurous contest entry ^^ I love this story and haven’t posted it on the “Promote Your Story” section, which is weird… LOL So I thought I’d go ahead and do that, then ^^

I also made this cute little series of images as a promo and was kinda proud of them

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You can check on IG and see how the promo was made to be viewed here if you want: IG Promo

Summary: This world is under 200 years old. There’s so much out there that no one knows about yet! At least…nothing out there anyone is allowed to know about. Rules will be broken.

The story follows MC, Mallyn, who wants out of his colony to see the brand new world and unravel the secrets he knows his fascist government is hiding from the civilians. So he will leave the colony and begin an epic adventure, fulfilling his greatest desires ^^

LINK: Adventurous: Across the New World

If you want to do a R4R, message me first with your story and we can talk about it <3


I started reading it yesterday and I’m planning to finish soon. Amazing job so far, I wish you lots of luck with the contest!

Everyone, please read this story asap!



GIRL. I just finished reading and this story… UGHHH I can’t find any words! I’m shocked!! I love the worldbuilding and characters… and the directing (I still can’t understand how you had enough patience to direct that cut!) it’s just amazing. Please win :pleading_face:

Oh, don’t think you are off the hook easily. If you ruin my ship (Aerani and Mallyn) I’ll come for you :japanese_goblin:


Awwwwww :sob: You literally have no idea what this means to me :sob: Like…I’m an emotional wreck most of the time but like T.T You’re just so sweet!!

I understand the shock ^^ (especially if you read my first story IT4 WHEW!! That improvement, amirite??) But yeah, I really appreciate it <3 <3 <3

And don’t worry! If you ship it, it’ll happen <3 Their relationship is up to the reader, not me <3


I’m not being sweet, just honest. You deserve to win :kissing_smiling_eyes:

I haven’t read It takes four but now that you mentioned it, I’ll check it out. A creative genius like you will always have masterpieces :wink:

:grimacing: Careful. It is…um…quite different LOL, see, I was still learning. NO REGRETS, THO! I wouldn’t be here now if it weren’t for that story ^^ <3 <3 We all gotta start somewhere, amirite?? Not to say I think IT4 is bad, just…could be better. I love that story and will continue it LOL

As for this story, it is day 6 right now? It has 67 reads now!! I get like 10 reads a day! :scream: Not enough to win, but like…WOW for me! For me, 10 reads a day is like…amazing. Just amazing. #blessed

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I just finalized chapter 5

Now I just have to wait for the 21+ overlays to approve ^^’ I stopped counting at 21 because -_-

Will post again when chapter 5 is published <3 - the customization templates are updated with whatever is relevant to the character. :smiley:

Just updated with Chapter 5



I started chapter 6 yesterday (like made the episode but it is empty) because I still have more detailed notes to write about it ^^

Bump :blob_hearts:

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Bump for the superior one LOL

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