Adventurous contest

Hi! I’ve published an adventurous contest entry! I really would like to know what you think about it :slight_smile: I have an r4r form on insta for Adventurous stories! My instagram is @atteneri.episode

My story is Adventurous: The Space Between Us.

My description is: Even before I opened my eyes, I could feel delicate hands tending to me. And as my lids slide open, I am graced with a beautiful sight: my savior. What if the unknown isn’t so bad?

My Summary is: The Earth has been destroyed and a terrestrial Spaceship flies to Space, and Jacob (a MC) is there. Soon, they find a new planet, but they didn’t know there was a dominant species there… The Erians. And the princess Shira Vee (the other MC) watch it flying near their territory. A war is coming… And both mcs will experience a great adventure that will make them reconsider their view of life and what is really important.

Choices matter, they will impact the survival of certain characters. Also: minigames, the point system, tappable overlays, music and sounds, bonus scenes you can unlock and a great adventure awaiting for you.

Trailer Link:

Story link:


This story is incredible!!!

I love it :wink:

p.s. You should attach the link to your trailer here :smile:

-cece :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Thanks for the idea :heartpulse:

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