I need some overlays for my adventurous entry story…
I need a gun overlay and a rope overlay.
(I have no editing apps to make the backgrounds see through.) >~<
Also if anyone is free to make an art scene it would mean the world to me.


There is a gun prop. [INK]
@add Handgun to CHAR
Gun prop. [LL]
@add Gun Pistol Black to CHAR

But if you need the Overlays:

Gun and Rope Overlay


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Thankyou so much :smiley: (I need them for episode one of my entry…Well the gun since there is a choice that decides whether later in the Episode if someone dies…)

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You’re welcome! :blush:. Sounds like cool story.

:smiley: Hopefully my story turns out alright, It’s basically a reverse cliche where the “Bad boy” thinks he is in control when actual reality, She is far more deadly. xD Scene one of Episode one cracks me up too much though… im laughing my head off writing this…
“Not only did you take us to a club, But I think the dj is drunk… Or worse… Deaf” TALKS REPULSED

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idk but i still have a gun overlay if you still or ever need it.