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My story ‘Echoes of Deception’ - Full CC for both the love Interest and MC

Description: In the complicated world of the powerful Valencia family, Isabella Valencia’s allure challenges FBI Agent Sinclair’s mission. Loyalties blur as desire ignites. Love or Duty? - C.C

Genre: Drama/ Romance

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I love Betrayed LL! Check it out! https// episode Episode Writer Portal

Title: Puppet Show

Author: ASAG

Description: Follow Manuel and his friends tracking down a lip gloss thief. But is the puppet show really a reward? It’s for you to find out. Let the show begin!

Austrian crime drama, Male MC, Male LI, LGBTQ+ friendly

Genre: Thriller, Crime drama

Style: Limelight

Episodes: 20 (Finished but not all episodes are published yet.)

CC: No, Visual Story

Story Link: Episode Writer Portal

Hello. This is my first story, so I hope you like it.

Name: We Belong Together
Author: Jae27
Genre: Romance
Chapters: 24 (more coming soon)
Style: LL
Description: Cassidy is the schools queen bee who rules with an iron fist. Nathanial is a nerd new to the hive. When she finds out who he is, she re-examines herself and her relationships.

Social media accounts: None lol.

Would love to know what you think.

Open for R4R and/or G4G :purple_heart:

Awesome thread - I’m discovering so much new stories to add to my future read list! :purple_heart:

Title: Senior Year

Genre: Drama/Romance

Description: After a traumatic experience, Breona is forced to move. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she has to do this during Senior Year! Nobody knows why she fled, so what could go wrong? (Limited CC,1 LI)

Style: Limelight

No. of episodes: 5 posted (Still ongoing estimating 10-15 chapters total)

Story Link:

Instagram Link: Julie Simmons (@juliesimmonsepisode) • Instagram photos and videos


Hi guys!

My story is called Checking Out.
It’s a whodunnit mystery with drama and romance spun throughout.

Happy to do R4R or G4G shoot me a PM or reply on this thread, would love to support some less known authors :heart_hands:

Small cover:

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Thanks for the thread! :slightly_smiling_face:

Title : Bloodaxe
Summary : The Court of Scots is desperate and seeks the help of an infamous enemy, Freydís the Bloodaxe. Will the shieldmaiden fight alongside her kin or choose her heart over them?
Genre : adventure/ fantasy/ (historical) romance
Additional info : Full CC, option between multiple male or female love interest, point system and different endings.
Story cover:

Story link : -

Instagram: @chanel.stories


Hello I just published my story Echoes of deception
please feel free to read it, it has full C.C

COVER - CREDITS @Jpassen_episode on instagram!

Description: In the complicated world of the powerful Valencia family, Isabella Valencia’s allure challenges FBI Agent Sinclair’s mission. Loyalties blur as desire ignites. Love or Duty? - C.C



Heyy, here’s my story. (R4R)
Title : Ms. Problematic
By : Ivy Vale
Style :LL
Genre : Lgbtq+,Romance, & Comedy (The episodes are honestly, only around 5 minutes :S
About: Enemies to lovers: Kim is in here final year of college ready to take on the world! However, her plans seem to change after meeting her soon to be enemy, Adeline…CC
Story Link: Episode Writer Portal


After putting a lot of time in it, I finally published yesterday my first story on Episode.
Oh yeah I draw my own covers and art scenes as well.

Let’s go to the story.


Title: Take The Bet

Description: *A clean new start at a new school, until Autumn is offered a bet to seduce the most mysterious play boy Kenji Nobu. What she doesn’t know that there are future consequences for this.

Genre: Romance, Drama, Haters to lovers, High school, Bad Boys.
Number of episodes: Now 1 till 3 is out. I am aiming around 50 till 60 chapters.
Style: Limelight
Instagram: &

Additional information: Full CC, Point systems, Art scenes, One love interest, Choices matter.


Story Title: Untamable Beast
Story Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Drama
Author Name: aziee_gabii
Story Style: Limelight
Number Of Episodes: 6 (still on going) I’m planning to have 40 to 55 episodes (the last 5 episodes is bonus scenes)
Instagram: @gabii_epstxs
Description: Her, a hybrid that became a beast. Him, The alpha’s of the all alpha’s. They both never wanted any mates… But moon goddess had different plans for them.

There will be no customization for this story, There are also no choices so it will lead to one ending only. there has no exact schedule of when i’m going to update but i’ll definitely complete it!!

Story Link: Episode Writer Portal

Hello there, :sparkles: Thank you for doing this :sparkles: Feel free to check on my story on the app :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart:
Story Title: Dear Little Nerd
Author name : mama.writes
IG : mla.epi
Genre: Romance/ Drama

Story Description : Maeva always had the perfect high school’s nerd label .But what happens when she catches the attention of her ultimate crush,t he most popular guy in high school? Dramas? Of course!
Link :

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Dear Little Nerd : High School Life

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SEQUEL SHOULD BE OUT SOON ! Hopefully for summer’start 🫶🏾 :bubbles: