Advice about representation

I’m a relatively new Episode writer seeking help for a story pitch. My mc is a Korean American who’s visiting Japan for the summer. She recently came out as bi and is struggling with anxiety issues related to the stigma she faces in her conservative asian household. During her trip, she developes a crush on a Japanese girl who identifies as pansexual. The story also includes a pre-transition trans girl, a African american male who codes as gay, and a genderqueer Irish American. My main issues are, How should I design the characters to accurately reflect their ethnicity and gender identity? How should I portray ethnicity, sexuality, and gender? I am not a member of any of these groups, so advice is appreciated. How should I portray anxiety realistically? What backgrounds are most suitable for a college/university? What backgrounds are good to portray Japan as a setting? And finally… Besides the characters, I have no idea what the story should be, so any tips or ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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