Advice for a new writer, Episode story length?

How many lines should an episode be? I want to provide a backstory but I don’t want to make my story too long or too short. Help?

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I made a topic about tips for new writers :joy: if you want you can check it out :slightly_smiling_face:

  • At least try to make each chapter 1000 lines or more
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Depends on how many of those lines will be directing. A lot of lines will consist of directing, which the reader won’t see. Like, CC alone is going to take up 200+ lines (if it’s full customisation) and then if you’re using cinematic format you have to have spot directing, and all.

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I think 1000-1500 is good, but 500 lines would WORK if you didnt wanna write that much but defo reccomend 1000+ Good luck writing!

Thank you so much!

I didn’t think about that lol I’m writing it out on Google docs and I got like 6+ pages going and I heard 1000 lines was the goal and I was like :scream:

No problem! I literally love writing but hate it, cause it consumes soooo much time, and with me having ADHD, I get super distracted, so I normally don’t finish very fast.

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1000+ = without CC
2000+ = with CC
A good length episode should take a reader about 10-15 minutes to read

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