Advice for a teacher who hates your guts?

My art teacher hates my guts. She took points off on an assignment for something I didn’t even know we had to include. Not only that, but she also singles me out and gives my art a “meh” reaction and pretends to like it. Can anyone, preferably someone who has been through this, give me advice?

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Just ignore them and focus on passing the class. Unless it gets to a point where they’re being extremely disrespectful. That’s when you should report them.


I agree! :smile:


Hello, I can totally relate to this, one of the ladies in charge at work doesn’t like me much so she gives me certain tasks to do. Today I actually crushed my finger doing one (it’s doing better). She speaks in a very antagonistic manner and is pretty rude plus I can recall from one time where she gave people in front of me easy tasks and the same, repetitive one for me. I don’t like her hostile nature because she always talks to me like I’m in trouble. It’s really frustrating when someone, esp. in charge dislikes you. Teachers aren’t supposed to but unfortunately they exist. My sister had one that made her cry and so have I. What grade are you in? If in high school, I’m sure you could change into a different subject.

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My bio teachers a lot like this with me
I would say for assignments get a second opinion but don’t tell your teacher your doing so
And for singling you out I would first ask her (ps make sure your recoding (remember you have to tell her your recoding) so you have any evidence) if she continues I would talk to a headmaster/principal/dean and look at switching to a different art class

Hope this helps x

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