Advice for editing!

I am not a professional.
I am not saying these are the best ways to photoshop or whatever.
And I am sharing what I feel could help others.

Before we begin- these are the sorts of stuff I make with the site I use:


What I use that works and you can use for free

So first off, my biggest issue with photoshop is the money. I don’t want to pay for Adobe or other engines that I can’t experience first half. But I want to help those that can’t do it because of money- and I will give you a site that costs money for free (without anything that’ll send you to jail lmao)
I use an engine called PicMonkey. I personally love it- but I personally believe it’s only good if you have premium. Premium is about 7.99$ in U.S. money a month. But if you want, I will give it to you for free.
PM me and I will gladly give you the details to my account. You can use it at your free will to create whatever you want. But it is up to you.

This is what the site offers you:

  • Add many of the overlays they offer you along with the ability to add your own! (Meaning- you can add any images on top of one another and erase + paint the overlay you added to your will)
  • Resizing, cropping, changing brightness and saturation, ect
  • Changing the color of your picture- so if you’re wanting to make an overlay, you can make the base picture transparent!
  • Adding textures (making your art look like crumpled paper, ect)
  • Makeup edits- you can get rid of pimples, smoothen your skin, darken your mascara, ect
  • Effects! Focal effect, sepia, soften, and so much more!
  • Add text! Many fonts, colors, and effects like shadows and an arc formation!
  • Frames for your picture!
  • Sharpening and clarity!
  • Drawing utensils that I used to shade and color this>
  • And so much more! Check it out!
A free way to clear backgrounds from images

(This normally doesn’t work with chrome laptops as far as I have experienced- if you are wanting to do this you might have to manually separate the image from its background)
I advise using a computer that has the engine already downloaded or can be downloaded onto.

Use Powerpoint by Microsoft

  • Step One:
    Open Powerpoint
  • Step Two:
    Open a new presentation
  • Step Three:
    Remove of text that generated
  • Step Four:
    Go to Design
  • Step Five:
    Go to Format Background
  • Step Six:
    (Make sure setting is on Solid Fill)
    Turn the transparency level to 100%
  • Step Seven:
    Go to Insert
  • Step Eight:
    Add desired photo
  • Step Nine:
    Click on image (not a double click, just one tap to pick the picture)
  • Step Ten:
    Click Remove Background on the bar above
  • Step Eleven:
    Adjust the crop and remove/add any other spaces you need
  • Step Twelve:
    Click on the side of the photo- not on it but to the side of it
  • Step Thirteen:
    Click on image again
  • Step Fourteen:
    Right click image
  • Step Fifteen:
    Click Save as Picture
  • Step Sixteen:
    Done :blush:

Be yourself.
Nothing is more beautiful than the uniquity of you and I.

This is all I have for now, but if I think of anything else, I’ll add to it :smile:

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These are good girl! You can also try using ibis paint x. That’s what I usually use

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Np, anytime

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I really admired picmonkey for a long time! like really
And I tried picmonkey their seven day trial because im broke and I was really bad at it :sweat_smile: your really good at editing!

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Yeah I wasnt bad, I was terrible :sweat_smile:
And do you really want me to try to do it with your account? :open_mouth: if yes, wow your so nice! :two_hearts:

WOW, these are amazing :nerd_face: :sparkling_heart:

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