Advice for flirting (my two MCs)

Two of my characters are flirting in this scene, their on the phone and planning a date, but me being extremely socially awkward is completely out of my depth. Any help would be appreciated?!

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ok, so your characters are on the phone and their flirting and the character asked for a date. So where is the date going to be held? Will there be any good outfit choices? How long will the date be? Is the male character picking up the other character? Is the date a surprise date?

oh god, I hadn’t thought of all that, but that will be really useful with working out what they need to say;
The second episode is kind like a show of time, the two of them get close after numerous dates and in the first episode they’re just talking about meeting up, where they might go etc. I don’t really have answers to those questions, the story still needs a lot of work

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yeah, going to need a lot of work.

Maybe, hey s*xy, my heart rushes blood to my heho when I think of you…

I’m just joking don’t write that, its cringe.

I dunno I’m socially awkward too, maybe find a common ground for them both. Something they have in common

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Yeah maybe, thank you so much

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Maybe try it with sarcasm?

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male: You come on this plane often?
female: lol what?
male: This plane… You come on often?
female: Are you trying to flirt with me?
male: No, no… Just making a simple conversation.
female: Sure you are.

You can finish the rest.

It all depends on your character’s personalities. If the guy is a nerd, then make him say a cheesy pick up line.


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