Advice for my limelight art?

So I think I’m ok at drawing bodies when it comes to episode art, and I use to be good at Ink, but branching into limelight I defo struggle w faces.

Anyone have any tips??

Here they are:

The camo thing on his jumper took me ages to draw, lmk if I’ve angled it alright! :))

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That looks pretty good for a start! I think adding more details and layers would perfect it.

no matter how big i make the canvas doing little things like eyes just come out so thick and ugly so I was doing as little as possible :smiling_face_with_tear:

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maybe add some more shading around the eyes so they stand out more…? You can add another layer and play around with darker colors and blending them, and if u dont like it, delete the layer

Yeah I tried that but I don’t think I’m doing it in the right places bc it just makes them look weird

Your art looks great :heart_eyes:. Although I would suggest adding some highlights in their face so it doesn’t look to dull, and as for the hair perhaps find a brush that looks has similar features to hair or mimics hair strands so the hair has like structure it to as well.

For example

Outline by epsd.royal on instagram

with Ink i felt it was much easier but with limelight idk I have tried so many different shadings on their face but it just looks so weird, as for the hair I did try to use different brushes but it just looked like knots lol

Yeah, everyone has their style of art. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the same rhythm in a different art style, but regardless of it, your art is absolutely stunning.

Do you use IbisPaint X by any chance?

Thank you! Yeah I use ibis, I use an iPad and pencil so everything’s Alright until I get to the face :sob:

I understand the face part I struggled on my smut one :new_moon_with_face:.

I use custom brushes on Ibis to get the hair strands to mimic hair irl, I sometimes have about 5 to 6 layers of just hair to get my desired outcome

yours looks so good! drawing faces honestly I just cant do it :smiling_face_with_tear: