Advice for my story?


Hey guys, I’m writing my story and want to transition to the next day, but I don’t want it to seem choppy. I feel like if I write “Next Day” It will seem bad, but if I don’t it wouldn’t make sense. Does anyone have advice on a way I could make it seem like a smoother transition? What would you do for your story?


Doing it with the rederMessage thing would be cooler than the narrator.
If your last scene was during night, you could try doing a fade in in the sun and then zoom away to your character, maybe?


Whats the rederMessage?


That little message in the top of the screen, I think you’ve saw it at least one time.

readerMessage "put your message here"

Try with that-


I’m gonna try that thank you!


Yeah, what @LeIsaac said is something I would do! :grin:


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