Advice for new Authors 💭

Hello guys, this is a space for new writers to come and get advice, or for older writers or anyone to drop advice down below please be nice and respectful and have fun.


Hey! Perhaps change the thread title to “Advice For New Authors” to attract the right audience to the thread x


planning, i’ve recently started a new story and planning out the main plots and stuff is really helpful.

Don’t rush and take breaks if you need to. Everytime i don’t feel like writing my story i start a new one with no idea at all what it’s about and then the same with that story and so on. Just take breaks if you need too, don’t rush or put pressure on yourself to finish it in a certain time

Tutorials, especially if you’re a new writer on episode it’s important that you know the basics. Joseph Evans really helped me when i was starting out.

Read, Read other stories not just on episode but read books or even on wattpad. just read.

Know your genre This sounds weird but hear me out. Say if you’re writing a thriller and you want it to be scary and to draw your readers in every chapter. But then you have no idea how to write a thriller, you’ve never read one or wrote one before. And then your story will flip because it’s not what was expected. So just make sure you know how to write your genre. Hope that makes sense lol

Check your characters Make sure that all your characters are in the right place, the right layer, facing the right way etc. If your characters are all over the place it might make the reader stop reading even if you have a great plot.

That’s all i can think of rn hope it helped lol. <3


Hey, I recommend my thread on that! Writing an Episode story 101 - The key to success


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