Advice for writing a mafia story

I know mafia stories are overused but I personally love reading them.

I need ideas for plot points that usually happen in mafia stories. Any advice or anything for a mafia story is good. I’m still developing my story so anything works.

Right now I have that the mc usually gets kidnapped and the love interest tries to get her back. :blush:


My advice would be enough of romance think of something different that doesn’t involve romance. Like someone is being taken whether a girl or a boy r whoever, or someone is trying to get out of jail and the cops are looking for the criminal, and your mafia gang, something different and fresh but this was before u said u were planning on writing romance mafia lol.

But hm, if you want to write romance mafia, go right ahead! Think of how the MC will be kidnapped, how the LL is planning on getting her back, how many mafia members, does the MC have a family? Does the LL have a family? How many bad guys? What will happen to the MC, Ll, mafia good vs bad gang. Will it be a good ending or a sad ending. Will there be any betrayal in the mafia gang? Where do they live? Do they have a base? Do they have a good mafia name?

When you’re reading a mafia story, write down some points, like you know mafia members dresses in black, that’s an example, but do it a bit different if you WANT to.

Thank you so much for this helpful advice! It really helped me in the planning process.

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