Advice for writing first episode story


Okay so I hope I chose the right category for this topic but I have been wanting to write an episode story for so long. Everytime I go to create one I get overwhelmed and stop. I have been watching tutorials on youtube but I just wanted to hear some of yalls advice on writing stories(maybe some tips and suggestions) I have an idea for a story I just want it to be great so hearing other peoples advice would help me so much. Again if this is not in the right place or against any rules I am very sorry. Thanks in advance guys.


What do you need help with ?


Maybe some tips on what makes a story good. What people are looking for. What people hate in stories. Also how many lines is good for an episode I dont want them to be to long or to short. Sorry I know this is alot I am a little nerveus and im trying really hard to learn as much as I can to make sure its worth the read. Honestly though any advice would be so helpful.


There are a few threads where you can read what people dislike in stories (things like bad grammar and spelling and punctuation, certain cliches, etc). Also, people usually like to read episodes that are about 10-15 minutes long and the amount of lines for this kind of depend on the way you write. I’ll try linking some threads for you to read :slightly_smiling_face: feel free to ask me anything

Here’s some links I’ve found:


Things in stories that make you NOT want to finish


Make it diverse not like a cliche highschool drama story


Okay thank you so much. I will check those out now.


No problem :blush:


My biggest piece of advice (and this is coming from someone who is just on the planning stage of their first story too) is to stay true to yourself. Don’t write something because you think everyone else will like it, write it because you like it. Also, ignore the haters, they will come for you no matter how good your story may be, you just have to ignore them and write because it is what YOU want to do! Another thing is, make your story different, don’t go for a really cliche plot because people will enjoy it more if it is a thick plot that they have never seen before and that has lots of twists and turns in it so they don’t know what is going to happen next. And finally, don’t be scared to submit your story! You never know what might happen until you try it! I hope this helped a bit! :smile:


Thanks so much for that. I have so many ideas but I have to admit I did find myself worrying about what people would or wouldn’t like. Thanks for the motivation. I really appreciate it.


Don’t quit.

If ur stuck ask @/Dara.Amarie
Or watch Joseph Evan’s tutorials they are in classic but are still very useful.

Planning your story is also good.

Things people don’t want in stories.


People hate gems choice