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Hello fellow creators,

I.m just started writing my first Episode story, and i’m really hoping if you can help me, i’m going to need a lot of help… i really hoping to make my first Episode story with a lot of choices, multiple endings, mini-games… Are there writers out there who are willing to help out rookies who aren’t very well versed in more complicated coding? Im really want to tryy and make something that gives the reader a good story.
Any advice would really be appreciated!


Hey there! :tulip: Welcome to Episode! I recommend starting with Joseph Evans’ tutorials on YouTube, they’re super helpful and that’s where pretty much every author started :slight_smile: I also made a thread some time ago about how to write a successful story - Writing an Episode story 101 - The key to success

If you need help just ask here on the forums, there’s always someone ready to help. You can also go ahead and message me on Insta any time! @martini.episode


I can help!!
And I also recommend @lanafrazer_episode, @Dara.Amarie, @JemU776, @schittwriter, @Jess_epi there very good with coding and script templates.


I have a link to Joseph Evan’s YouTube, Dara’s guides, Tal’s guides (on the app), Jen’s Ig where she’s posted some tutorials and Episode Axiom’s Ig on that page, but if you have specific questions with regards to coding and/or editing, I’d be happy to help you.

Thanks @hannahfriend for the tag!

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