Advice : Hiring my first Artist?

Hi, before you are like Hey, that’s a bad idea. I am fully 100% jumping in, and I’ve searched for deals.

I’ve read the Selling Art on the Episode Platform Post, The Copyright Policy, and the Terms of Service. I believe, I will be fine (I plan on sending those documents to the artist as well) BECAUSE, I am not using anything Episode - Related. (Not the characters, outfits, etc.) It’s a simple cover, and realistic.

Nevertheless, I have NEVER hired a commission before and could use a bit of advice so I don’t get scammed. Has anyone hired an Artist before (where there is actually money involved) ?
What should I look out for?


Actual money involved?

Well, I have an artist friend & I think I can offer some advice.
Look for someone with a decently high following. They’re less likely to scam.

Before you pay, you should probably ask the artist to a send a watermarked copy to make sure they’ve actually created your commission.

I don’t recommend paying first & then waiting for the art unless you know someone whose used the artist before and can clarify their trustworthiness.

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yep, 50$ a cover (large and small) which seems high, but there was this one person who wanted like 150$ for EACH banner and I was like . . . bruhhh

I like that idea, of asking for a watermarked copy first. lel I’ll go stalk their followers count rn

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I’ve been wondering: how do they receive the money?

I found my artist through Deviant Art, so I can either do credits. (which is kind of a median? I pay the website, and the website pays her) or most people do Paypal.

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@Jeremy you may close this.

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