Advice needed for my art!

guess whos back…ME! anyways, i need some of the really talented artists of episode to give me feedback: heres the pic:




Can you pm mE


You got to teach me how you did this and maybe try and fix the eyes

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thank you! and yes i agree! i was proud at the time but now i look at it im like… eh

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And blend a bit

Use air brush normal to blend

That’s what I do

And maybe fix the hand on the right and other then that it’s looks amazing as heck

omgg ur so nice! i used adobe draw for this which was before i started to use ibis paint

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I use ibis paint x

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and how do i pm you? sorry lol

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And thx I try lmfao

If you click my profile you will see some where that says message

yeah in adobe draw there is no like Gaussian blur or stuff like that so i had to make the color lighter each stroke

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ohhh right

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Oh I use ibis paint X and this is what I made earlier

Yeah ik it’s bad lmfao

It’s my first ll edit

ahhh!! your seriously really talented!

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its not bad tf

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Lmao I was staring at it for like an hour and saying it looks so ugly and comparing it to other artist lol

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dont compare yourself

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I think it is great, however,
The Lips,
they need more contrast and colour,
The nose needs more contour to make it look more alive.
The eyes are too Big, and need to be smaller.

Besides that I think it is, pretty fly.