Advice needed! New story on the way

Hello there! I am writing a new story. The first three chapters are ready, should I wait for the cover to be ready too to publish, or I start publishing and I update the cover once ready?

I think you should wait. it cant take more then a week. you could spend that time on readin your story over a couple of times. and see if there is some spell mistakes. or spot mistakes.

mistakes you could at could be. charatere not talking when they are suppouse to. or keep talking when they are not suppouse to. faceing the wrong way.

have you read your story over on your phone because there is sometimes the script dosent work the same way. where MC face right on your computer but left on the phone. and its the phone version other people will see.

It doesn’t make me read on the app until I publish my story…

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oh yes you go into your own profil. you are log in right? then you tap in creat and it should be there

also please a cover has to approved twice now. I dont know why

dont quote my on this. but I think the first rewiew check if it is stolen art and the second if it break the rules with naked people or guns or something like that

K thanks!!!