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I am writing ‘They Just Don’t Know You’ and was thinking about how the MC and LI meet so I was thinking the LI goes out with MC’s brother. The brother is shot and got killed. A year later the MC and LI meet up and go on a date. Do you think this is realistic or would this be a bad decision to do?

I like it

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Thank you

To be honest, this is realistic. They often act as a shoulder to cry for each other. And end up bonding over their grief.

I think it will be good to also input a range of reactions to their relationship.
Some people will frown upon it as:

  • She used to date the late brother.
  • The brother is dating his late brother’s ex.

And some people will be happy for them. They have both lost someone in their lives. But they have “moved on” (But not forgotten/ or maybe they have :o) and are now happy.

Good luck with your story.


Thank you. This has helped so much

No Problem…BUT my first thought after that was that maybe when you show the LI dating the brother Have the MC and LI kind of already have not necessarily a romantic relationship but some sort of relationship(a friendship, a hatered towards each other just something) so that its starts developing there and its not just happening out of nowhere…if that makes sense


Yes of course, I didn’t think of that thank you so much

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