Advice needed - struggling to find LL stories I can finish

I am struggling to find Limelight stories that are engaging with meaningful choices and realistic reactions to things. I don’t mean this in a negative way. I am writing / creating my own story and I know how hard it is.

I love the idea of Episode and what animated graphics add to the experience. As a new user I want to stick to Limelight (more realistic).

A few things I am struggling with when I read stories:

  • Lots of ‘telling’, when graphics, reaction or situation can ‘show’ (in one case I saw the character gasp, very cool, then the speech bubble * gasp * popped up)
  • Overly wordy requiring loads of reading and clicking (for example, 10 speech bubbles to tell me it’s raining and the main character’s friend is upset).
  • A lot of setting up time, in some cases multiple episodes setting up the crisis (3 passes just to get to the main point of the story)
  • Slowly (painstakingly) panning or zooming across crowds or rooms
  • Characters reacting to things in ways that don’t reflect the situation (in one story, after being bought by a gang member and taken to a house, the character was thrilled by the outfit choices)
  • Choices that make no difference or are the wrong ones (for example, he aims a gun between your eyes. You recall your training. Do you stay still or move? You decide to move. While grabbing the gun, the man escapes. Do you chase him … in heels? or flats?)

I have loads to learn with Episode story creation so reading good stories will help me a lot. Plus I’d like to start enjoying the stories more (and finish some). It would be awesome to get recommendations on how to find such stories within the app.

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i can personally say you miss out on a lot of good stories by only reading limelight… yeah limelight is cool but ink and classick got good stories too.

I agree to many people narritaote to much . episode is suppouse to be show not tell. they forget this is not a book. we can see what is going on. you dont need to give me 20 lines telling me he is hot I have eyes i can see that

I guess. But I want to write with limelight so good for me to see it in action and what it can do. If only I could find stories I could engage enough with to finish.

I should add, I try to avoid the heavy gem based stories because I can’t pay $$$ per story and see no fun in having to choose the least interesting options.

there is many ink stories without any gem choices. it is mostly only featured stories there is .

and classick dont have any gem choices cause they did not exist before ink was made

I can recommend some stories to you that are really interesting and also in LL!

  1. Agent Cinderella by @EliseC and @Mavis
  2. One of the Girls by @amberose
  3. Adventurous: The Wall by @J.Miley
  4. Game Not Over by @Edera
  5. Not SO Beneficial by @Soe_Jaded
  6. Galactic Game by Lucky

Great LL stories with choices that matter:

  • Adventurous: Seven Seas (cant recall author name atm) - 3 episodes so far
  • Bad to the Bone by Lee Funk - 15 episodes so far
  • Galileo School of Magic by Lee Funk - I think 4 episodes so far but its updating may 1

Thank you Sir. :green_heart: Much appreciated! :grin:

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I’ve been reading a few LL stories made by the community lately, and honestly? The community stories are better than the ones that Episode recommends.
Here are a few stories I love: The Infected (by Caitoriri), The Dragon Bride (by earlgreytea).
Neither are finished yet, but I read them both in 1 day after watching countless ads because I was dying to know what is going to happen next.
EDIT: As for finding good stories, I’d recommend going to Genres> genre of your choice here and scrolling through “Top Community genre of your choice here
That’s how I found those 2 stories I mentioned.
If you need help directing, go on YouTube and look up Joseph Evans. He has a lot of videos about directing, and I myself have watched his videos. They are extremely helpful, in fact, I only managed to start writing my story right because of him.

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Do you have a particular genre that you prefer?

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Good question. When I started reading, didn’t have a genre in mind. I think I’d have enjoyed some of the ‘girl in peril’ stories had I stayed with them (due to reasons stated above). The character graphics and animations seem to work well with that type of story.

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Thank you :heart:

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