Advice needed 🧡

hey guys!

 I’m not sure if anybody actually noticed but I’ve been extremely inactive in the episode community. 
 I haven’t been working on my story nor have I even clicked on the episode app itself! :( 
     I have moments where I try to motivate myself

To write again, but, I’m not sure. I haven’t been motivated.
it all started when my laptop became extremely laggy and I could barely even sign in.
I felt extremely discouraged and just pushed everything aside.
It’s been a few months
and as y’all know…
Christmas is right around the corner! :kissing_closed_eyes:
This should be fairly obvious but I am nowhere near being rich, so, I’m limited to what I can ask for. (lol well I limited myself to two options in order to make this process easier)

option 1: AirPods & a new pair of shoes.

to be very honest, I have 4-5 pairs of shoes.
I don’t think I need anymore, but, I’ve been wanting these nike air max 97’s for the LONGEST time. ugh, they are gorgeous! oh and btw I’m a huge sneaker head, so there’s that.
and the AirPods are just to make my life easier in the morning when I desperately need to listen to music and jam out. :slight_smile:

Option 2: MacBook!
Now, let’s be honest.
I know very few things about laptops and how they work blah blah blah
but every single time I’ve bought a laptop they lasted roughly a few months to a year,
my most recent one had just started to become extremely laggy and didn’t function properly.
Keep in mind, I have never had a MacBook.

I think it would be wise to get a MacBook considering that I’ve heard amazing things about them and also that I want to work on my story.

PLEASE comment your opinion/feedback/preference or whatever else may help :slight_smile: let me know what you would do in this situation because ya girl is stuck!


edit: I’m reading everyone’s replies, I’m too lazy to reply lol.
thank you so much for your responses! :revolving_hearts:


Hey, lizz!! I think you should get the MacBook! It seems like the better option and I’m waiting for a new update on your story :joy: But at the same time you seem to luv the other option a bit more, so maybe the AirPods. I really do hope you get the MacBook though, just because it seems like the better option. Oof, good luck Lizzie!

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ugh, decisions!
thanks so much for your feedback, sky.
I missed you sm. :pleading_face:
I’ll definitely take it into consideration!
and I’ll try my best to update, I may need to renovate instead. :slight_smile:


Oof revamping :joy: but ye I’ve missed you too and I hope you update soon!!

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I have a pair of AirPods (they were a second-hand gift, I’m nowhere near able to afford them). Honestly, I’d only recommend them if you really need wireless earbuds because a speaker or wired headphones aren’t working for you (for example, if you can’t use a speaker because you’d annoy people, and you can’t use earbuds because your device won’t fit in your pocket or your device tends to slip out of your pocket while dancing, etc.) The sound quality is about the same as a wired pair a third of the price. Mine have a long range (easily 20ft/6m), but only work seamlessly with the Apple music app, every other program I’ve tried it with experiences some interruptions. They also run on battery, so they could run out if you don’t charge 'em, they’re easy to lose, and their health properties are currently untested.
So yeah, I only recommend if wireless would be a lot more convenient.

As much as I hate to sound like a PC fanboy, why a Macbook?

… Dude, what do you do with them? :flushed: I had a consumer-grade Toshiba for 5 years, and it only stopped working because I cried on the keyboard and it fried the hard drive.

But basically, if PCs keep dying on you, Macs aren’t going to be any better. What sets Macs apart isn’t durability or specs, but rather sleek design and brand recognition.


MacBook for sure!

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Comparing a Macbook Air with a Dell Latitude 5500 with the same specs, the Macbook came to $1280 USD, and the Latitude to about $910 USD. The Latitude I was looking at has a bigger screen (15" as opposed to the Macbook Air at 13"). The Latitude is heavier (4 lbs as opposed to 2.75lbs).

I’ve never had a Macbook either, so I don’t know how it would compare with a Latitude (I’m currently using one, the model before the one I just mentioned). I find it to be plenty powerful for what I need, it loads the Episode preview pane without an issue, the fan rarely runs, and new it had 12-24 hours of battery life.


I recommend MacBook.

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thank you so much, seriously. :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

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macbooks definitely work good on the interwebs and for study purposes, but if you want to game go for windows. it’s a lot cheaper and has better specs

you can get bluetooth airpod-esque headphones or earbuds from any electronic store, so i’d say its not worth it, and im not really into brand-name shoes so idk

Basically, do whatever makes you feel happy :slight_smile:

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I mean you don’t need to get a expensive computer to make it a good one, I’m flat out broke and you can get some really good ones this time of year. I say save money and still get a good computer. But it’s your choice!

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I think a MacBook just to motivate yourself to write more. I mean if your laptop isn’t working as good then MacBook seems like a better option but AirPods you could save for or ask for at a later time.

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Oh the classic broke situation!

I would recommend getting an MacBook would be a good idea as you can write on the go, I did the same when I began writing. If budget is a worry, it might be worth buying it second hand they can be just as good as a new one.

I’m a new writer to Episode and I’m actually planning my first story this week so if you have any advice or tips for getting my story out there, I would really appreciate it! x

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welcome to the episode community!
thank you for the advice :pray:
please private message me if you need help with anything specifically, I may not know a lot but I won’t hesitate to help. :slight_smile:

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