Advice (not episode related)



What do you do when you feel like you want to punch the wall because you’re so mad? At School?


I ever punch it or try to calm down. I close my eyes and go somewhere quiet or you can scream


what i do. is i make my hand into a fist and squeeze my nails in as hand as hard as i can till it hurts. then i often calm down. or i just breathe in and out.



Well I’ll go to the bathroom, I’ll count the numbers upside down and I’ll breathe ^^
(counting upside down numbers allows your brain to focus on something else; it’s work for me)


Well, this will not be good advice but when I went to school and felt that way, I just went ahead and did it :flushed: Although I was always more of a throwing objects type of person over punching a wall.


Thank you everyone, I feel better now. :heart:


Do you have discord? ^^ if you need to talk it’s easier


Talk to someone about it
Breathe in and out
Count to ten slowly


This is probably weird but
When I’m REALLY mad, I go somewhere private and just scream (I even cuss if I feel the need to).

I go out for a walk and listen to music, this helps me to acknowledge my feelings.

I also let myself cry. Sometimes it’s helpful to let it out because of the tension, bottling your emotions is never good tbh.

Or I write it down in my journal or take a warm bath.

Try doing these


Nope, but thanks.:blush:


I am listening to music now, thanks. I think I’ll start doing homework.:heart:


Whenever I get really mad, I just have to get away from it all for a while. I usually plug in my headphones and go for a long walk at the beach (I often take my camera with me).
If you get mad while in school, I’d either just walk away or wait until the next break and then take a walk alone outside. Fresh air and space from people can be really calming.


Oh hello Chloe Price.
I didn’t know people scream in private places in real life. I dont have the guts to do that lol


And yeah it’s pretty weird I know, but it does help. You just gotta find a place and be sure no ones around and just do your thing