Advice on customization for my transgender character

So… in my newest story coming to episode, I have four main characters. One of them is a transgender female. I need advice on how to move forward with customization for this character. Should I let her be customized or should I not? Or should I do so kind of limited customization?

Probably limited cc. My worry is that readers might make her look masculine TO be transphobic.

I’d say just the eye shape would be un-changeable

NOT that trans woman have to look feminine, it’s that scared people would abuse the power, if that makes sense


When you say this character is a main, do you want people to play as them + themselves in a way (CC) or do you simply just want people to read from the character’s perspective while the character preserves their individuality the way you envisioned them?

Is this character the main character more so than the rest?


The story is told from the perspective all four characters. The reader is gonna read from each character’s perspective. I want this character to retain being a transwoman, but at the same time, I want the readers to have the option to change up her look if they want to. I’m also afraid of people being transphobic too

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Yeah I’d just sneakily not give an option to change eye shape and maybe face shape too.