Advice on developing my Magic Lore?

My story’s mainly a Romance, but a Supernatural element surrounds it. It’s your typical “Some people were born with Magic, but over time their numbers got overtaken by people without Magic”. So, I know it’s bloodline-based. The Magic Users have mostly stuck to living either in their own communities to keep their bloodlines pure and thus keep Magic alive. A few still live among non-users, though it’s mostly frowned upon.

The types of Magic can be summed up into five wide categories:
Physical (For Magic related to the human body/things such as giving yourself extra strength, speed, agility, or even changing your form entirely)
Elemental (self-explanatory, excluding Metal which falls under Smith)
Tamer (Magic relating to animals, whether it’s summoning them, controlling them, or becoming them)
Smith (Any Magic that deals with craftsmanship, weaving things out of thin air, constructing Magic-based weaponry/ammo, or molding man-made materials that even elementals can’t)

And the fifth is the rarest type, as it’s believed only those of noble blood were born with it.
Cosmic (Magic with the subcategories of Sun and Moon, the full extent of either is largely unknown, though they are the most versatile and potentially powerful of all the Magic types)
Sun Magic basically covers healing, anything Light-based, Heat-based(though in a different way to Elemental Fire), and even Emotional abilities.
Moon would deal with all Mental abilities, gravity, and darkness.

I don’t have much specific I need help with, any advice I can get to flesh it out is very appreciated. I also need a snappy name for Magic and Magic Users, as that sounds very generic.

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and let me guess MC is gonna be the fifth type, because MC is spical, your story dosent sound orginal. but ofcourse dosent mean it is bad. honestly I think it sound pretty good. and I havent heard what the plot of the story is yet.

as for magic system, that is always a struggle, I been working on one in a long time, so here is a few tips

there are two diffrent kinds of magic system, hard and soft, I work with hard

when you set rules DONT BREAK THEM. example, in the dragon prince on netflix they keep saying humans cant do magic but Calum can ,because?? well that has not been explained he just can, that is breaking the rules.

know where it comes from, is it nature, is it there soul, is it from that handy dandy wand you got there, yours sound biologically

you can find some good videos about it.


So far you have set the scene. But you haven’t mentioned the plot.

  • Who is the reader playing as? Themselves or a character?

  • Who is the LI?

  • Who else is involved in the Main Cast/Story? Friends? Family? Enemies?

  • What is the plot? Romeo and Juliet?

  • How does the MC and LI meet? Or do they already know eachother?

  • Does anyone get on the way of their relationship?

  • Why should they be together? To show the two communities can get along?

  • Besides the LI, what is the MC’s goal?

  • Why must they achieve that goal?

  • What will happen if they don’t achieve that goal?

  • Who will stop them from achieving that goal?

I won’t mention questions regarding the magic system.

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I actually have a separate thread talking about the story’s main character and love interest, though it doesn’t go that in-depth about the story’s plot.

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