Advice on how to plot your story

Hi everyone I’m new to writing and scripting episodes stories over never published my own story’s just worked on little scenes but I was wondering how do you all plot your stories? And advice for plotting thank you

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I plan out the major events , and then I guess for the rest I go with the flow? Lol.

Write something you like!! Because I guess people and readers can tell you only wrote example mafia because that’s what’s trending, I guess? Besides too, when you write something you like you feel good at about it and you want to try something different


And then adding along…
Think of what do you want to happen, who is the main character and love interest? Are there more mc and love interest? Are their or friends or other characters relevant to the storyline ? and then etc etc

You can also think outside the box, and watch some tv shows or movies you like to help you out but don’t make it too obvious obviously. + you can also add real life experience and see what you like and dislike from those shows/movies

And lastly, don’t always narrate your story! Show what’s happening!! Make it realistic as if youre watching a movie / show you have been looking forward for for a long time!! That’s all my points I have, and I hope they helped. Good luck with ur story doe :two_hearts:🫶🏽

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The most important thing to me is figuring out how I want the story to end. If I know where I want things to end, then I can tune major plot events to lead naturally towards the conclusion. Writing without an ending in mind is a good exercise, but in my experience, it never feels very solid.

Planning Extended:

When starting a story, I’ll have a couple of Word documents in a single folder. The first thing I write is always where my story starts and ends. Then in two sentences or less, I fill in important events on the story timeline (usually big scenes or plot twists). Most people follow a three act structure, but my stories tend to look like a kind of Rocky mountain with big twists and climaxes towards the beginning and middle and long, multi-part conclusions. This is all in one document; and after the initial planning stages, it seldom changes much.

Other documents I’ll keep a running record of include: world-building sheets; character and relationship maps; “unofficial” scenes (for when an idea randomly pops into my head but I haven’t refined it yet); and—most intensively—an actual script with dialogue and scene changes for each episode.


I normally create my characters and determine their traits and personalities first. After that I normally figure out where they’re at (high-school, college, job, etc.), where they live, relationships with other characters etc. And build from there. Most of my stories I had an over all idea for, but my story that I have published, I had no idea who the bad guys were or how it would end until I had been writing for about 3-4 months. And thats totally okay. I had an idea for the ending but at the time that was all. Sometimes the more you write, things will come to you over time. :slight_smile: but my best advice, is that if you know how it ends, its easier to build up to that point.


i personally brainstorm all of my ideas in a google doc and organize them the way i like. i make up major plot points, write down ideas for scenes, etc.


Here’s a great tutorial on how to plan your story :hugs:


I start with my beginning and the major events I want to happen. Then I go straight to the end. I plan out the ending and structure my story from there. Scenes, ideas, characters, etc.

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