Advice on how to start my story?

So I’m not saying the whole plot but basically the MC gets an internship for marine biology. I want to talk about how she’s loved marine biology, but I don’t know where to start!
Comment any ideas!

  1. Maybe start a scene of her as a child expressing her love for the sea and animals
  2. Flashback of family trip to beach. She sees a group of dolphins and realizes animals are her passion

Start where she is in college and is studying for marine biology. I would say it should be romantic. So while shes studying for marine biology, she meets a guy who she starts liking. He starts liking her too. But her internship is pretty far from where he is. So just add drama…

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You can start it off with your MC at the beach or an aquarium and then she narrates about how her passion for marine biology started off or her love for the ocean started off. Like the MC has this connection with marine animals and loves how free and how at home the ocean makes her feel.


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