Advice on plot twists!


Hey guys I’m starting a new story but I’m struggling on what plot twists to do, if any of you have an idea can you please help me x


Maybe, take some inspiration of movies or books? :slight_smile:


Never forget wreck it ralphs plot twist had me so shook when i was younger. When king candy used to be that racecar guy that hacked into the sugar rush game and made it his game after he had been unplugged. That was a crazy plot twist for me. Idk if you saw the movie but it was great.


Haha I just re read that! That sounded like such a random rant, sorry. Just thought it was a good plot twist.


One thing to remember is that a plot twist should be completely unexpected and should alter the dynamic of the story dramatically. All too often, plot twists aren’t much of a twist at all.


Maybe you can have someone close to the MC betray the MC and that nobody would have expected, like Poppy from Bad For My Heart and the bff of Violet in Apartment 143 who turned against the MC because of jealousy :open_mouth:


And Megan her brother in The Feeling! Only he didn’t betray her because of jealousy :slight_smile:


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