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I’m new to writing stories, and I recently started writing this Episode. I had just finished the planning stage and was writing the story, but all of a sudden another story idea popped up into my head!

So basically my question is, should I start writing my idea story too, or should I wait until I’m finished with my current Episode? (Keep in mind that I’m a slow scripter).

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lol i work on both… but when u decide to publish one work on that one more than the other one


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For me, I usually just start the new idea because if I don’t, it’ll stay on my mind and distract me. My episode is full of unstarted plot bunnies but most of the time, the plot bunny stays with me for a few days before my attention goes back to the original. I used to be mad at myself for allowing other ideas to distract me but then I realized, why am I rushing myself? lol sorry if this is unhelpful.

no actually that was super helpful, I think I’ll start writing my idea, and if I get bored of it I’ll direct my full attention back onto my original.

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Aye, I helped someone! Your welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

also, in about a day once i curate my storyline a little bit more, is it alright if i message you about helping me brainstorm a story title? (you don’t have to accept)

Sure! I can help with a story title but probably not anything else, sorry.

that’s okay! it just took me a week to find my last story title so it would be nice to have another brainstormer haha

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ok first off i’m gonna praise your noya pfp. short king excellence. as a writer, inspiration is really on and off and it can come at the most random moments. having new story ideas is completely normal but since u said u finished planning for the first one, i would suggest at least coding one chapter of it then move on to the second one. or if you have writer’s block and get tired of the original story, then move to the second as a way to refresh yourself while keeping up the grind. good luck! can’t wait till your story comes out :))

  1. rolling thunder squad!
  2. ah, this really helped thanks!