Advice on story desicription

I did post a thread but I felt it revealed too much about the story. While I still need help with the description I think it would be better if only a small number saw it due to possible spoilers…
anyone want to help?

send link to thread

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just a notice, the ideal description would be short, introducing the MC, other characters that appear in the story many times about 2, and if you have it, the LI. Then describe her background and what’s happening now. Like a then-now sequence. If you have any questions just ask! BTW, I’m not forcing you to go by this guide, you can do it any way you want.


Unfortunately I deleted the tread but would it be ok if I sent you a message?

Sorry I’m not quite sure what you mean by write about “what’s happening now”

@HaAnh means like when you are finishing the background story of your character, then show what is happing in the character present time. Meaning like okay, the character lost her parents that’s a background story then back to present time the character does something. Something like that.

I think I get it :slight_smile:

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ok :slight_smile:

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