Advice on story idea,

So I am working on a maybe domedy, depending on how it pans out I might change it to drama.

its an about a girl, who parents send her away to a boarding school, now she is 23 a famous singer and haven’t seen her parents since they send her away

So she was sent to that boarding school for a crime she did not commit ( I think having drugs on her or something,) who set her up

  • evil sister make her take set her up, kinda like in the story my sister’s crush
  • evil stepmom or sister maybe both had her send away.
  • bullies at school set her

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she kinda reconnects with her family in the story, but how and why

  • death, someone dies

  • she has gotten a movie roll, but its filming in same city as her family lives in.

  • other (please come with recommendations for the story please)

  • wedding someone gets married

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That seems like a great story idea! Just avoid the cliche evil family member (especially sisters and stepmoms).

I dont really know how to, with my story idea, I mean you kinda need to have an evil family for them to send you away, I mean what good family would send their kids away,

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That’s true. I would make their relationship more complex then. Maybe a love hate relationships. Not all families hate their kids and send them away. There are a lot of reasons other than just being cruel.

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Heeey it’s me again. I am just now seeing this for some reason. lol!
I think this is a great story actually. Maybe the evil sister was very envious of the other sister! I was thinking the singer can come back for a movie roll, and the evil one is even more envious now that she’s there and famous. Maybe even try adding some heat between them when they meet again? Idk if this is far-fetched, I was just thinking the evil sister’s envy can be the main motive for her evil deeds. :o

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