Advice on writing a story with many close to home deaths

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Things I’d like to write about:

A story about a chick living with her father -- a killer
"Killer's Inconsiderateness"

It can touch on what I call the “Killer’s Inconsiderateness,” where killers kill people close to the victim. To feel this in your stories, let the characters grieve.

This happened in real life

A killer would never harm his beloved daughter but kill people close to her like a girl like her daughter because she had to watch that girl the entire summer, and her cousin, who was her best friend.

I want to make them grieve APPROPRIATELY.

A person will have difficulty getting over the death of a close BFF cousin, like a BFF, loved one, parent, child, or best friend. Even a sibling. Baby siblings can break a heart. One little girl grievously cried when her baby sister of maybe a year or two old went missing, with the most grievous tears.

Seeing a child like that is very unsettling.

It can teach a moral to those who may engage in these behaviors if the child (under 13) is honestly portrayed.

This can be so killers won’t kill people or at least won’t kill the loved ones of their loved ones.

This movie can be a cautionary tale

This movie can be a cautionary tale (Which is what old dark children’s stories were) of when you go a bit too far. It hones in on it more if someone is grieving.

"Bounce back mode"

It can steer away from “Bounce back mode,” when people in lifetime movies typically bounce back quickly after a death and don’t seem to grieve. They only grieve when it’s a plot point, they don’t actually grieve for long… Or at all when a loved one other than the one they were initially suffering over dies.

The Lifetime Movie Bounce /Back

This is an issue because it hardly makes sense. In a lifetime movie, you can have a friend you have cared about and loved since high school, but they don’t even cry when the friend is in the hospital or dies.

I know it’s just a movie, but over time, the more you watch them, the more you can see it. Recently, it’s gotten better,

It’s probably because of the actors, as not everyone can force tears.

However, a string of deaths happened around you when your loved one died a day ago…

People you are closely involved in Long-term friendships with – will result in a couple of emotional setbacks.

The deaths happen back to back with tragedies, which can cause a lot of fear and anxiety. People would be more cautious because it’s apparent life is going wrong and someone is messing with them.

If all of someone’s friends are dying one by one, they’re more likely to band together than to blame each other. Most would be overcome by grief, depending on how strong the friendship is. The one who seems to have no issue with the deaths is the one you need to be concerned about.

Mostly, if you have a character that isn’t affected by the deaths, that’s the killer. He not only can give the reader the feeling of “I KNEW IT!” Which is a good feeling.
It also shows you have planned out your plot twist.

Little nuggets to hint at the plot twist makes it more realistic, mainly because if THAT is true (The plot twist), then things in the story will correlate with such.

One character tries to help another, but it goes too far

I hope this hones in on an important topic. When you go too far because, on one end, it seems she’s overprotective and just doing her job. Still, on the other, the things she does are unreasonable and will harm the child’s mental health more.

It can also touch on how we think we care about someone by doing stuff like this, but we don’t actually help them.


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