Advice on writing LGTBQ+ romance?

Hello all,

So I gave the option for the reader to pick their MC gender. And they can also pick their LI gender. However, I originally wrote this story as a straight relationship.

I’m wondering if someone could tell me what to avoid and what are some offensive things they’ve seen in gay and lesbian stories? So far the dialogue is the same for both my MC’s, with a few things changed. But I want to know what to avoid or any advice y’all have.

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I suggest making the li’s compliments more detailed. In my experience, women tend to compliment the little things. And Idk if this is just me and my partner but we don’t use pet names like “bae, babe, baby” etc. we use things like “my love, honey, darling, dear” etc. Other than that I’d say gay relationships are pretty similar to straight relationships.


Thank you!

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I appreciate when authors add some things that may be relatable to the LGBTQ+ experience so you could add some of that. Like maybe the female MC and female LI hesitate to flirt with each other at first because they’re not quite sure about whether the other is into women too (but i guess that wouldn’t really happen in a gay bar though or an LGBTQ+ event where it’s assumed that the people there are LGBTQ+)

I think things to avoid would be just stereotypical portrayals of LGBTQ+ people in general. If they do match some stereotypes, add more depth to their characters.

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Thank You for asking instead of assuming :relieved:

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