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So as most of you have probably heard of my story “Unfolded With A Scar” I’ll only add a quick description.

When a famous fashion designer is found murdered in her own dressing room it’s up to you and your partner to investigate and find her killer. What seems to be a normal murder investigation becomes much more complicated what a scar reveals the true identity of the victim has already died 2 years ago.

This is a newer adaptation of my old description

Which description do you prefer?

  • Old description (screen shot)
  • New description (typed above screenshot)

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Anyway onto my actual question as this is a murder investigation of course details of the murder will need to be discussed. So will I break the guidelines by saying this…

“From the cuts and bruises I can say for certain that she was kicked to the ground before being strangled.”

This actually plays a big part in the story but obviously I know I need to be careful not to cross the guidelines.

Also are we allowed to talk about sexual assault as long as we don’t go into details and just state the fact that it happened in a supportive way?

Hope this makes sense

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U can maybe say from her “wounds” instead of cuts and bruises.

Okay so im quoting from @alliesepisode explanation about the assault on the guideline so this should help. If you still have any questions, submit a ticket to the team or message @Tyler

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