Advice : requested art scene

Hi, so I have a problem and I need advice how to solve it. I requested an art scene from some artist and she told me I would get it in 2 weeks, but it almost past 2 monts. I have already extended her deadline a couple of times because she had good excuses. One week ago i sent her messages if she can sent me art scene, but she is not responding on my messenges anymore and I really need that art scene. I don’t want to ask someone else to do this art scene because I don’t know if she made it and if she did I could broke a rule by requesting the same art scene from more than 1 artist. on her profile it says that she is on a break from the forum, but It also says that she was last seen two days after I sent a message to her .
What am i supposed to do now?


Was it free or commisioned?



Since she said you would get it after 2 weeks she is way over the deadline if you’ve hit 2 months.

She can’t blame you for asking another artist since you have already given her plenty of time to complete your request…

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I understand you giving the artist 1 or 2 extensions if needed but that should give her a total to around 1 months deadline and unless she has technical issues or some major problem at home then you are either being scammed, she is taking advantage of your time extensions or she has booked herself up waaaay to much and is unable to complete anything on time (:


I think M_H_C_Episode is totally correct u should go for other artist as it has already crossed the dead line🤨


For a solution, I would message asking for progress with your request, she should have at least started it if you requested 2 months ago. If she sends no progress or shows no intent on starting or completing your request, then I would recommend requesting elsewhere with a different artist (:

I wish you good luck with whatever you decide to do in regards to this situation (:


@M_H_C_Episode and @Tara3 thank you for the tips, I will sent her another message to ask her about the art scene and if she doesn’t answer I will request from someone else


Okie, good luck (:

We are happy to be of help (:

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i agree!! message her letting her know that since its way past the deadline and that she not communicating with you anymore, you will request somewhere else since you need this art scene by a certain deadline.


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