Advice: Tattoo Coverage in stories

In a story I’m currently writing one character has a tattoo on her forearm but she’s a teacher. Is it ok to have that on show?

In my opinion if a teacher wants to wear a tattoo, then by all means, they can, it is their choice :blob_sun:

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Okay, thanks, i kniw its a silly question, but i wanted to ask.

No problem and dw no question is silly, some schools have dress codes so it’s totally fine to ask that :+1:

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I think it depend on country. where I live it would be illegal to tell someone to cover it up. no matter work place.

note that does include uniforms and protective gear if anyone shall waer it you shall too

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See in England, teachers have to cover them up at all times.

that suck.

also its a story you can do what you want.

after all have you seen all those stories where they use the Lace Sleeveless Undershirt Satin Red Plum Rose. for an evryday outfit. is an undershirt AN UNDERSHIRT. you waer it to bed not school. but they use it all the time.

so a teacher with a tatto is not that wild

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Were are you from if it’s okay I ask

Where I’m from it is fine as long as it is appropriate like a course they can’t have anything inappropriate I had teachers with tattoos on their back their arms my art teachers legs with covered in tattoos she had like different art pieces that she had done herself so I think it’s fine but like some people do frown upon it my girlfriend worked at a pet store and she has a tattoo on her arm that says her grandmother’s name and has a rose wrapped around it and her birthday the day that she passed away and they told her that she had to wear long sleeves under her work shirt because a lot of the customers were older and they would be like oh oh you don’t talk about it basically they weren’t allowed to show their tattoos in any piercings they had to take out unless it was like little diamond studs in their ears

:joy: glad I’m not the only one that says this everytime i see it


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Oh I am from FL and they put in there handbooks at some places that they have to cover there tattoo’s

What about a nose stud? Is it ok to have that in?

Where I’m from it doesn’t matter if you have a tattoo or piercings as a teacher, you can have tattoos showing or a lip piercing or something else and it’d be ok.

Other jobs like a nurse working in a elderly nursing home is not allowed to show piercings or tattoos, but that’s totally different from school teacher

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