Advice to Make Your Story Flow Better

I’m currently revamping my first story and working on another one. I’m having a hard time making them flow correctly. Often the episodes end up being a bit choppy. For example, sometimes I feel like scenes seem out of place but they’re important for later on in the story. Also, I feel like it could because I don’t give back story right off the bat because I don’t want to give everything about my characters away in the first few episodes. What’s some advice you guys have to help improve the flow of my stories?

Personally I use the following steps to arrange the flow of my story

  1. Write and know a detailed plot of the whole story
  2. Write a plan for each individual episode
  3. Write a 3 line summary of each individual scene in the Episode

Might sound silly but the most important thing is to actually know your story and what direction you want to take it…

Not giving background story right away isn’t a problem as long as you do it at the appropriate moment and really think it through…

Probably none of what I said helps but still :joy: