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Hi! So I’m a long time fan of Episode, but a first time writer. I’m working on two stories, and have FINALLY gotten a hang of coding. My one story has almost three completed episodes, which I believe is the minimum number to able to publish. I was wondering if I should hold off of publishing until I have more/all the episodes completed, or if I should just release the first three, then release as I complete them! Which do you guys prefer to do?

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For my story, I created around 6-7 episodes before I started publishing them slowly, so I had some left over to give me time to write new episodes.

As a writer I prefer this way. As a reader some might say they’d like episodes published one after the other as soon as they’re done— but I don’t think they’d be able to tell which way you do it :shushing_face:

Writing as many episodes I could without publishing also made it stress free. As it wasn’t out yet, I could go at a comfortable pace when completing episodes. Also sometimes, there may be changes in plot or details that have been forgotten, and I can always go back and add it in.

So I think it’s whichever way you prefer! It depends if you have a lot of time or not to keep up, or maybe you want to go at your own pace. Either way, you can go at our own pace! But sometimes readers will become disinterested if it takes a long time to publish new episodes.


I have about 8 different stories in my drafts right now, but I’ve finally committed to making one of them my “main story”, and I’ve found that patience is key. I want to be able to have a regular release schedule and release new episodes in batches, that way, I (hopefully) am able to keep my story “fresh” for longer than if I just release the whole thing all at once. I usually only read completed stories and stories that have been updated recently, but I do make exceptions.

Writing just one chapter takes WAY longer than I anticipated, so I want to have more than three chapters ready before I publish, that way, the wait between chapters won’t be too long. Even though I’m getting kind of anxious to publish, I know that if I publish what I have, it will be sloppy and readers won’t be able to read the 4th chapter until months from now. I plan on releasing the first three chapters once I have the 4th and 5th chapters already complete, and then slowly releasing the 4th and 5th as the 6th and 7th approach completion.

I personally feel that you should hold off on publishing until you have a direction to work from, whether that be future episodes/chapters waiting to be published or just a starting point for writing and coding. Until you’ve gotten into the swing of writing stories regularly, it’s best to approach writing stories in a way that will give you more ease with finding a routine or schedule.

As a reader, I’d rather read a story that felt like the author enjoyed writing it as opposed to a story that’s rushed and heartless. Take your time and enjoy the process! : )


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