Advices on how to spend time on writing an episode more effectively


Do you have any advices how to use time more effectively? Like, maybe you should write your whole episode on paper first, or maybe even with coding, or maybe just ideas? I’m trying to figure out how not to waste the whole day on just two scenes:)


I like to roughly plan my episodes first on a note pad or note app, so I have something to go off of. It helps me get quick prompts on what to write and it might make it a bit quicker. Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


So do you figure out your coding like zooming and e.t.c at the moment you write episode on your computer (or maybe you write on your phone) or when you’re planning it on paper?:slight_smile:


Things like zooming and other coding stuff, I usually do while I’m writing. I just go with the flow and if I think something would fit, then I test it out and put it in. On paper I just plan all my rough ideas I have for different parts of the story, i.e. what order the scenes go in, some main things I want in my scenes and where I want the story to go. The rest just comes to me as I’m writing :slightly_smiling_face:


When I am not on my computer and have a paper or a copy with me I usually scribble my ideas over it as to get a clear idea on what I want to do… I use two pens-Black and blue (as they are in my box so yeah) I use black pen to mark where I want zooms and where I want the characters to enter from as I already know most of the backgrounds or if I don’t know the name of it then I just image it how it looks and have my imagination flow and add as much effects that will make a story more alluring and spot directing and zooming are really important in a story as they actually attracts people…and I use the blue pen to have the dialogues or write them down and like this I get to complete it while I am in my lecture and my teacher isn’t teaching…
Hope this helps you…


Personally, I’ve dedicated an old notebook into my story notebook for one of my episodes. It helps having everything written down like previous questions stated that still need to be answered later in the story, important places, people, quotes that i liked and potentially want to incorporate into dialogue, ext.
I also like to write out each episode so I can get a basic idea on how the story is going to go and usually end up adding a lot more as the story progresses.


Hi guys! I wanna know, how do you do the outfits? Is it during writing and coding or do you prepare them all before doing the story? And do you edit everything by scene or you just add the animations first then music and sounds then the editing and zooming? Help. I’m always drained when writing :persevere: i want an easy way to do this.