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No, I’m not a slave, but I still feel chained.
Racism is everywhere nowadays.

I just wanted to say… stop the homophobia, it’s not okay.

I lie in bed at night, fearing for the worst.
Having colored skin seems like a curse.

The president, he’s blind.
Children, they’re dying.
Parents, they cryin’.
Citizens are lying…
Everybody got problems.
But I never expected skin to be one of them.

Giving dirty looks, cause of my complexion.
Momma got blamed for a sin for her skin, when the people who were behind it, I despise it.

Ashy lips, ratchet mot-ives: that’s what we’re summed up to.
“Blacks can’t be gay!”
You the heck are you talkin to?

Lemme get back to homophobia,
LGBT can’t feel at home because:
People are shooting, tryna dodge it
People are killing, Sabotaging it
People are lying, camouflaged it
We all are human and that’s how I define it.

Sexism is also a number one problem: I’m a woman but if I gotta punch someone, I gotta.
Cause you know, we go through the worst.
Underestimated but depend on us to iron your shirt?
I pray for all the women out there, and men too. Cause some people just look at them and call em sexist too!

What I’m trying to say, is just know you you’re talking to…


Racism, Homophobia, Sexism, etc
The fresh friend maker

it’s great!!! If I could give you a few pointers?

try putting another line in between these so the rhyming is too squished



ughhhhhhhh wtf, come to where I live, there’s a lot less racism… I think.

this made me so angry



mmhm ppl r dumnb



I think… That… You.,.,…,.,.,…,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,…,.,…, will be eather the next president or the next hit singer tbh…
It is beautiful!


Only one of them were really pointers : I still agree.



Do it.


You’re gonna be a star I swear :star_struck:

Keep this up :slight_smile:




Omg Thanks!






Now you are less confusing tbh lmao


@Artistofepi Alrighty, Adulto


Oh, I always have that persona so I can truly hide people from reality for a little while to show there is hope. Making people laugh.


Rasta seriously I think you should run for president.

but if you were to run for pres:

you have already caught attention of the LGBT+ community, the minorities, and victims of sexism.

Now you gotta catch the attention of the homophobes and racists while still sticking to your original points

haha sorry I just really like helping ppl with politics?


@PURPLEROSE is applaud_loop




Lolll ok this has to be an official thing now

Rasta for President! :blush:


Awww that is great of you!


Maybe I will… when I’m older. I will run!




Applaud_loop for dayyyz