Aestheaya's LL Model Thread

Hey everybody!

I’m SASB, and I created this thread because I want to practice drawing Limelight (LL) edits. I’ve only every done a couple but they were years ago, like when limelight barely came out around that time.

I’ve also had procreate for a year now, and I have not done anything with it lol. Except try my best to learn how to use it, but I want to practice with procreate. So, these edits may be different or not from my style, idk.

This is NOT a request thread, so please reframe from requesting.

     Just send me your limelight details, maybe an aesthetic or theme just to help 
     me feel inspired. You can send you character cards or just write out your 
     details, doesn't matter. It MUST be LL Details ONLY!

They may be edits from bust or shoulder and up first before I attempt anything else, just to practice shading face and doing hair.

If you want like examples of my style, here is a few examples.

Examples, please do NOT steal!

Feel free to post as I head to bed!

Thank you! :white_heart:


You can use any different outfits and hairstyles

U can use neon too!

For Aesthetic edit use sky!


I don’t mind if you make changes to my character.
Some themes I like: Neon, retro, denim, “a e s t h e t i c”.


Feel free to change the hairstyle if you do end up using my character :sparkles: For an aesthetic maybe grunge or vaporwave.

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You can use mine…


And if u want couple models, here they are


Extra info. u can use- They both are vampires.

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Feel free to practice with my Character!
Btw I love your examples!

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aesthetic? idk

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@Unknown_writer thank u for sending your character! :white_heart:

@schittwriter thank u! :white_heart:

@PropertyofNae thank u for sending your character and giving an aesthetic! :white_heart:

@author_blue_moon thank u so much! :white_heart:

@Devil_Herself thank u, I appreciate it! :pleading_face:

@Ryder14 thank uu! :white_heart:


Love that, thank u! Love your character btw :black_heart:

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Lovely art btw!
U can use mine! And pick whichever hairstyle and aesthetics suit her I’m curious :face_with_monocle:

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You can use mine.

Awesome examples btw.

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Thank u, I appreciate it! :white_heart:

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Haha thank u! :pleading_face:

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Lol, This was the outcome of using your character, thank u for allowing me to use your character as a model for practice :two_hearts:


omg thank you so much :blob_hearts:

I actually have bangs and Hair length, I think you guessed it correctly

I want you to practice 1000 times with my character :joy:

Just my eye colour is dark!
But it’s fine

I love it and thank you again :heart: