Aesthetic Avatar Creator [AESTHETIC IDEAS?]

hi! so i have a story called Aesthetic Avatar Creator, it’s basically just a dress-up game where you can fully customize four characters then choose their outfits from different aesthetic categories. each episode you ‘unlock’ a new aesthetic to choose from.
so far i’ve got alt, soft, art, vsco, cottagecore, y2k, cybergoth, kidcore, grunge, baddie, and i’m about to release a new episode with mall goth added.
anyway, i was wondering if you guys could give me any ideas for new aesthetics? (i’m not out of ideas, just wanting some input) ty! xx

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1970s: Like tie-dye, floral, and lots of beads and fringe
Boho/Bohemian: Also with fringe/beads and loose, flowing clothing
Swag: Think camouflage and high top sneakers; slightly sporty (idk if this is just a usa thing)
Glam- sparkle, furry jackets, big hoop earrings, bright colors!

I’ll think of more :thinking: and send some examples

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ooo ok tyyy

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  • Electro-pop
  • Dark/Light Academia
  • Y2k fairycore
  • Afro-punk
  • Afro-futuristic

That’s all I can think of for now

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ohhh i hadnt even thought of dark/light academia, tyyy