Aesthetic Backgrounds?

I’ve been wondering where stories like I Need A Therapist by @ Clemisode on instagram, get their backgrounds from, are we able to use backgrounds from places like pinterest or is that against rules?

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the thing with getting backgrounds from places like pinterest and google is that some of them are copyrighted and episode doesn’t allow that. there are places like where you can get free customized backgrounds without copyright at all, but you can also take your chances with pinterest and google if you want.

This may sound stupid but can you still get in trouble if you give credit from where they’re from

lol its not a stupid question I can see why you’re asking but, yes you can because since you don’t own them, episode has no way of telling if you got permission from the owner or not. in fact, they sometimes don’t even approve them when you try to upload. but like i said you can always take your chances with them, i’ve done it a few times and it worked.

It is definitely not worth taking the risk with images from Pinterest or Google, because it’s not going to be trouble with episode that occurs if anything comes of a copyright infringement. You could be held accountable by the actual owner of the image. This could have serious, and maybe even costly consequences. It’s just not worth doing it. There’s plenty of other places to get images that are safe for commercial use.